Visa regulations


Dear sir/madam,

You should check the visa issuing regulations at the following web page:

Find the nearest consular office to you at the following web page:

Here is a part of the regulation:

“(…) aliens apply for the first temporary stay permit with a diplomatic mission or a consular office of the Republic of Croatia. If no visa is required for their entry into the Republic of Croatia, the application may be submitted in the Police Administration or the police station in whose territory he/she intends to stay.
The application must state the purpose of the stay, i.e. the justified grounds for the stay (e.g.: work, family reunion, studying, education, etc.)”

Along with the application form, a foreigner needs to include:
- travel document
- colour photo (30x35 mm)
- documents that prove:
- the purpose of visiting the Republic of Croatia,
- ensured accommodation and covered expenses of staying in the Republic of Croatia
- the intention of returning to homeland, i.e. the capacity to enter a third country
- means of travel

Visa is entered into a foreigner’s travel document and is issued with the validation date not exceeding the document’s validation date.

In case the visa is not issued, the official person that received the application is not obliged to disclose the reasons.

You will have to appear at the nearest consular office to you in person in order to get the visa! If you are prepared to go there personally we can send you an official invitation letter (by filling out the official invitation letter form located at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' web site).

We can send you the invitation letter only upon:
- receiving scanned pages of all intended participants' passports (the page(s) with photo and all relevant information in order we can fill in the form the correct and verifiable information),
- regulating the payment of the conference fee (all the information are at the conference web, category Registration),
- receiving a copy of your valid return travel tickets for the nearest consular office to you (to get the visa) and from there to Zagreb (in order to fill in the form the dates of arrival and departure),
- receiving a copy of the hotel reservation in Zagreb during the conference (in order to fill in the form your correct address during the visit - booking information is available on the conference web page), and
- receiving the information about your occupation and employment - scanned confirmation from your employee or university in case of students (in order we can fill in the form the correct and verifiable information).