Department of Information Sciences

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Zagreb, Croatia


Central State Administrative Office for e-Croatia

of the Government of the Republic of Croatia



2nd International Conference

The Future of Information Sciences (INFuture)


INFuture2009: “Digital Resources and Knowledge Sharing”


Zagreb, 4-6 November 2009





INFuture 2009: Digital Resources and Knowledge Sharing is the second in a series of INFuture conferences focusing on creation, sharing and reuse of digital resources. The objec­tive of the conference is to provide a platform for discussing both theoretical and practical issues.


TOPICS (include but not limited to):

¨     Virtual Environment in Education

¨     Using Open-Source Solutions in Cultural Heritage

¨     Knowledge Management

¨     Using Information Resources in Research, Education and Presentation

¨     Digitization and Preservation

¨     Language Technologies

¨     e-Services and e-Government


We encourage papers on human-computer interaction, multimedia, virtual learning environ­ments, e-learning, cultural heritage management, document management, record management, digitization of cultural heritage materials, digitization projects, document management, record management, digital preservation planning, long-term preservation of electronic materials, repositories, mobile communication, (cultural) tourism for new media. We also encourage best practices and business applications in digital archives, libraries etc., and other related domains.


Official language of the conference is English.