Conference Topics


General Topics


  • digitisation procedures in the area of cultural heritage presentation and preservation
  • content organisation in digital archives, digital libraries and digital repositories
  • metadata
  • storage systems
  • standards, document indexing
  • presentation of digitisation projects

e-Heritage and Preservation

  • e-heritage – term definitions
  • long term preservation of e-culture
  • medium longevity, migration
  • development strategies for e-heritage
  • e-heritage as a strategic product
  • on-line accessibility
  • intrinsic values
  • formats of records
  • virtual and mobile information centres


  • data life-cycle management
  • law regulations
  • role of e-infrastructure in scientific research and knowledge creation
  • certification, authentication, security and data protection
  • integration, interoperability and standards
  • support for networked education

Identity in Electronic Environment and its Preservation

  • influence of Internet on the national identity
  • text processing as added value
  • digitised texts – sources for language databases and authentic materials
  • anonymity on the Internet
  • Web archiving
  • identity and e-identity – forms of presentation
  • brand and identity

Information Science Education

  • new professionalism
  • analytical approach to information
  • influence of fast IT changes on curriculum
  • application and evaluation of electronic content in education
  • life long learning
  • e-learning
  • simulation models
  • multimedia in education

Document Management in Business Applications and e-Government

    • document management
    • digitisation of documents
    • law regulations and standards
    • management in Croatia