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Publishing ethics


It is important to agree upon standards of expected ethical behaviour for the parties (editors, peer-reviewers, authors and publisher) involved in publishing of the peer-reviewed proceedings of the international INFuture conference. The ethics statement is based on the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors.


Duties of editors:

-          publication decision

-          fair play

-          confidentiality

-          disclosure of conflicts of interest


Duties of peer-reviewers:

-          contribution to editorial decision

-          promptness

-          confidentiality

-          standards of objectivity

-          acknowledgment of sources

-          disclosure of conflict of interest


Duties of authors:

-          reporting standards

-          data access and retention

-          originality and avoiding plagiarism

-          avoiding multiple, redundant of concurrent publication

-          acknowledgment of sources

-          authorship limited only to contributors

-          identifying potential hazards to human or animal subjects

-          disclosure of conflict of interest

-          notifying the editor if fundamental errors are discovered after publication


Duties of the publisher:

-          taking appropriate measures in cases of alleged or proven scientific misconduct

-          detecting plagiarism

-          avoiding any kind of discrimination

-          not allowing the influence of commercial revenue on editorial decisions

-          communication with other journals and publishers