The European Association for Banking and Financial History’s (eabh) Workshop will be held on Friday 10 November 2017 at the 17th floor of The Westin Zagreb Hotel, Krsnjavoga 1, Zagreb, Croatia in collocation with the international conference INFuture2017: Integrating ICT in Society (

This event runs in parallel with the INFuture2017 conference and needs a separate registration:


The data dilemma: a risk or an asset?

Data about the finance sector is growing exponentially and storing it is becoming easier with every day passing. Businesses are excited about the commercial possibilities of 'Big Data'; academics are relishing the research potential of deep data archives and regulators are hoping for a fuller view of systemic risk and stability. Will it all turn out well though? The current reality of massive data stores is often no more than massive cost and complexity. This workshop will explore how we got here with data and where we go next. Ultimately, can a meeting of business, academics and regulators resolve the data dilemma and find a way to turn a risk into an asset?

This workshop wants to answer some of the following questions:

• Does more data make us better forecasters? Are we any better than Keynes at predicting systemic
risk now that we have all this information?
• Do economic policy makers make good use of historical data or is it too hard to do?
• Forecasters of all descriptions (especially economic ones) are facing a popular backlash. They
missed the financial crisis and got the short-term impact of Brexit wrong (possibly). Wasn't more
data meant to mean better predictions?
• How can financial research catch up with the need to change its methods in order to be able to
make the best possible use of 'big data' (data mining, etc.)?
• Which financial and/or academic institutions are using innovative and creative approaches
towards research?
• Which are the tools needed to do successful historical research in the future?
• Which are the risks related to financial data? Which are the associated legal requirements for
privacy, confidentiality, security and consumer protection?



10 November 2017 / Friday
10.00 Welcome coffee
10.10-10.30 Hrvoje Stančić (Zagreb University)
Carmen Hofmann (eabh)
  Keynote speech
  Tove Engvall (Mid Sweden University)
Data and control – risks and possibilities in the financial domain
  Session 1
  Mario Pisani (HM Treasury)
Jan Booth (DEFRA – former HM Treasury)
Does more data make better economic policy? A view from HM Treasury, the UK’s economics and finance ministry
  Session 2
  Angelo Riva (Paris School of Economics)
The ‘Big Data Revolution’ in banking and financial history. Some French experiments.
  Fergal O'Connor (University of York)
What happened in the Daily Gold Fixings Auctions: 1919-1968 - The missing data
13.00 Lunch
  Session 3
  Kertész Ákos (Central Bank of Hungary)
Privacy, confidentiality, security and consumer protection
  Anton Comanescu (National Bank of Romania)
A tale of rain and bank runs. From small to big data and back
  Session 4
  Per Nymand (ECB)
Data as a strategic asset for central banks policies
  Michael Moss (Northumbria University)
  Trevor Monroe (World Bank) invited
The World Bank Big Data Challenge Program
16.30 End of workshop


The workshop committee is formed by:
Jan Booth (DEFRA)
Carmen Hofmann (eabh), and
Hrvoje Stančić (University of Zagreb)

This event runs in parallel with the INFuture2017 conference and needs a separate registration:

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