As the quantity of the available digital content is increasing, students as future employees and users of information institutions need to acquire knowledge which will give them competencies for understanding and development of new user services based on the digital content. The aim of this IP is to provide students with the proficiency in issues of education in electronic environment.

The wide objective of the IP is to bring together professors and students from EU and non-EU countries to increase their knowledge in educational technology and support. The wide range of expertise of the teaching staff gathered around this IP presents a strong multidisciplinary approach whose focus is on strengthening internationally collaboration, offering different insight to the issues of e-learning as well as bringing together specific and unique expertise that can be applied in any given field of education. Goal of activities planned is to promote training and research among body of students and encourage international collaboration by which the full potential for European identity, citizenship and employability of adult learners with mobility creating opportunities for their personal growth will be encouraged. It promotes teamwork and citizenship, engages problem-solving in the specific context (rather than generalized or abstract concepts from a textbook) and gives the participants ability to make connections across the disciplines.

The primary target groups are M.A. and Ph.D. students who wish to expand their curricular knowledge in educational technologies and procedures. Secondary target group are host university teaching staff with experience in the relevant areas.

The intensive program main activities will be gathered around the knowledge transfer through lectures, workshops, seminars and tutorials. Course activities will be complemented by cultural activities related to the host country locations.

Learning outcomes of the IP to address the following: to understand key components of modern education that consists of a well balanced use of new emerging technologies; to understand methodological approaches, supporting elements and quality management issues of electronic educational environment and get insight in key issues and problems; and to be able to apply learned to “the real world” situations.

Expected outcome is creation of ICT-based content (produced teaching materials, student reports/theses, multimedia products etc.) made publicly available through the website provided by host institution. Project info and selected materials will also be published in a brochure. Results of the IP will be published on a conference with joint paper from participating partner HE teaching staff.

Venue: Department of Information sciences, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb
Coordinator: doc.dr.sc. Mihaela Banek Zorica


University of Zagreb

Universidade Aberta

Hacettepe University

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